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Expert Oral Surgeons

Most people think of wisdom tooth extractions when they think of oral surgery, and although this is the most common dental procedure that oral surgeons carry out, there is a wide variety of conditions that effective oral surgery can be beneficial to treat.
At Rockford Dental Care, you not only gain access to a team of expert dentists but orthodontists and oral surgeons as well. Make us your one-stop shop for dental services, reparative procedures, and more in a state-of-the-art office where you can feel like a part of the Rockford Dental Care family.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In the context of dentistry, the removal of wisdom teeth is something that most people need an oral surgeon for, making it by far the most common area of oral surgery practice. Although not everyone develops all of their wisdom teeth—or any, for that matter—most people do in their adolescent years. The majority of people who develop these teeth, which come in behind the back molars in the four corners of your mouth, experience dysfunction with these teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are when wisdom teeth come in sideways and push against the molars, usually causing pain and irritation, as well as damage to the other teeth if left untreated. Wisdom teeth can come in straight, fully impacted, or partially impacted, and each different scenario has different implications for individual patients.

This is one of the reasons your general dentist at Rockford Dental Care will take X-rays of your mouth on a regular basis. Impacted wisdom teeth usually don’t break the surface of the gums, which means that they’ll only be detectable in X-ray images (not to mention because of the pain that they cause).

Often, your dentist will recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed so that they don’t crowd other teeth and cause damage. Usually, they’ll recommend an oral surgeon, but with us, there is an oral surgery team located right in our office!

Other Conditions That Oral Surgery Is Used to Correct

Issues with wisdom are the most common but not the only issues that oral surgery is used to treat and repair. Here are some examples of other conditions where oral surgery is used:

Issues with Jaw Growth or Placement

In some individuals, the jaw develops problems as it grows. An improperly aligned jaw is not as simple as an improper bite alignment, in that it cannot be fixed with braces or removable aligners. Jaw misalignment can have a negative influence on your ability to breathe, chew, and even speak, so it’s common that oral surgery be used to correct these conditions.

Dental Implants and Dentures

The professional oral surgeons from Rockford Dental Care, handle the work needed for dental implants. Many implants involve interacting with the jaw bone in a delicate way to firmly secure the posts or brackets on which an implant is placed. In fitting dentures, parts of the teeth and jaw bone may need to be ground down by an oral surgeon to ensure proper fit. Rest assured we’ll provide you the perfect fit.

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