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Root Canal Therapy

For some people, thinking about getting a root canal is accompanied by anxiety and fear about a procedure that’s reputed to be painful and invasive. The truth is quite the contrary. Root canal therapy, a branch of the dental offshoot of endodontics, is actually quite common, simple, and for the most part, painless. In addition, when root canal therapy is being used to save one or more teeth, it can be something that you should celebrate instead of fearing.

The team at Rockford Dental Care has performed countless root canals, many of them for clients like you who may be going into this treatment expecting the worst. Time and time again, we’ve finished the procedure to the amazement of our patients, who couldn’t believe they had gotten so worked up over something so simple. Read on to learn more.

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What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

Root canal therapy involves the practice of saving the tooth or teeth that are put in danger by an infection in the root canal. Your endodontist or oral surgeon first dig an opening in the area around the tooth to get access to the infected area. Then your specialist cleans out the infected pulp, ridding the area of any foreign substances, and then seals the opening. After this, your dentist restores the tooth to ensure that you’re not at risk of fracturing the tooth.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The first thing you should know is that millions of patients each year receive root canals. It’s an extremely common procedure with no major complications, despite what you may have heard.

The phrase, “root canal,” actually doesn’t refer to the procedure itself but to the channels running from the upper part of the tooth down to the roots. These canals are filled with pulp, which can become infected and inflamed. If the infection progresses, an abscess can develop near the roots and kill the tooth.

The causes of this condition can be varied. Deep tooth decay, as well as tooth damage that exposes the inside of the teeth to infection, are the most likely culprits.

Why Do People Think Root Canals Are Painful?

Before dental technology progressed to a place where we have effective numbing agents and local anesthetics, root canals likely were painful. However, root canals are no more painful than getting a cavity filled or a tooth pulled with anesthetics. Today, it’s likely the toothache caused by an infected root canal that is more painful than the actual procedure, which should be comforting to anyone with anxiety about the need for root canal treatment. In addition, Rockford Dental Care takes pride in making every dental procedure we offer as comfortable as possible. With the latest dental technology and methods of simplifying procedures, our office is state-of-the-art, and you reap the benefits when you come in for any of the wide variety of dental services that we offer.

For all your dental emergencies, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 815-397-4280 at your earliest convenience!