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Rockford Dental Care, Dental Services in Rockford, IL
Man with Dentist, Dental Services in Rockford, IL
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Dental Services Based in Rockford, Illinois

At Rockford Dental Care we are honored to be able to provide different dental specialties under one roof for the convenience of our patients.

Based in Rockford, Illinois, we offer a range of dental services that involve everything from annual checkups to oral surgeries. This simplifies and enhances the communication in our office between patients, dentists, and dental specialists.

On-Premise Lab
We offer an on-premise dental laboratory for repairs to dentures and partials

Dental PPO's/HMO's
The following is a partial list of Dental PPO’s/ HMO’s (Insurances) Accepted at Rockford Dental. Click Here

Our outstanding staff provides all manner of dental services, including:

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Bridges
• Partials
• Dentures
• Gum Surgery
• Tooth Whitening
• Implants
• Veneers
• Orthodontics
• Crowns
• Root Canal Therapy
• Oral Surgery
• Extractions
• Periodontics

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Rockford Dental Care
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A Complete Staff Offering Extensive Services
We have a business staff to assist you with everything from scheduling your appointments to explaining your dental insurance and maximizing your benefits.

In addition to our general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeon, and periodontist, we have a staff that includes registered dental hygienists, lab technicians and dental assistants.

Contact us today to learn more about our dental services and schedule an appointment
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