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Rockford Dental Care, Dental Services in Rockford, IL
Man with Dentist, Dental Services in Rockford, IL
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Dental Work & Specialists Based in Rockford, Illinois
All the dental services you and your family need are available from the experience professionals at Rockford Dental Care. Based in Rockford, Illinois, we perform all manner of dental work and have several dental specialists available in-house for surgery and other services.

General Dentistry
At Rockford Dental Care we have the ability to meet all of your general dentistry needs.

Some of the general dentistry services we offer include:

• Extractions
• Root Canal
• Gum Surgery
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Dentures
• Partials
• Tooth Whitening
• Fillings
• Cleanings & Orthodontics

Crown and Bridge
Crowns are used to cover teeth when a restoration is too large and function and longevity is compromised. Crowns and veneers can also be utilized to change the way your teeth look. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth to reestablish function.

We offer regular Orthodontics, Damon System Orthodontics, and Invisalign® Orthodontics, for your consideration. Consult with our team to help you determine the best decision for you. We also have clear brackets so that the overall picture can be as subtle as possible.

Child with Dentist, Dental Specialists in Rockford, IL

Man with Dentist, Dental Specialists in Rockford, IL
Implant Dentistry
Implants are used to replace missing teeth. A crown can be placed on the implant. A denture can be placed over multiple implants. The advantage to an implant denture is its stability. Dentures stay in place.  

In-House Dental Lab
Rockford Dental Care has its own in-house dental laboratory, which allows us to control the quality of our products and offer our patients such services as custom staining and shading for crowns, and custom partials and dentures.

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